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TeemingPod Basics

What is TeemingPod?
TeemingPod is a SaaS component that quickly and easily adds social interactions in web pages. For users, TeemingPod provides a small place on any Web page to get together and to interact on-the-spot, while staying on the page. For Web developers, TeemingPod provides a platform that helps to add powerful social interactions right inside their Web applications or Web sites.

What is unique about TeemingPod?
Embedded interactions. Guided interactions. Relevance-based display. These are the three big things with TeemingPod.

First, your social interactions are embedded right inside the Web content. You do not have to leave the content page and go to another social networking site to discuss it with others; instead TeemingPod fits right where you need it on the page.

Second, the interactions are guided by templates. You will not feel lost in a long threaded discussion, or a blog which rambles on, or a wiki that links in a thousand different ways. You will enjoy a structured interaction, such as a discussion with well-defined perspectives and points to support each perspective, for instance.

Third, relevant information automatically bubbles up in TeemingPod. This means, the power of social ranking and relevance calculation at your fingertips.

Do I need to install any software?
No. TeemingPod does not need any installations. It shows up on a web page in your browser. It only requires Flash Player 9 which is free, on your machine.

How will users use TeemingPod, once I set it up?
Users who visit your Web page will see a TeemingPod icon and click on it. This will bring up TeemingPod. They will interact within TeemingPod, and tuck it away when they don't need it anymore.

Which browsers are supported by TeemingPod?
TeemingPod is supported by most popular browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.


Creating a Pod

Okay, I want to create a TeemingPod. Where do I begin?
We assume you already have a free TeemingPod account that you have activated. Next we assume you have requested your free trial. In response to your request, you will receive from us a small HTML code which you can use to embed TeemingPod in your webpage. After you add this HTML code to your webpage, the TeemingPod icon will get displayed on the webpage. Users can click on this icon to open TeemingPod.

Can I set up multiple TeemingPods on the same Web page?
Yes. If you have added code for multiple Pods you can use multiple TeemingPods at the same time on a page.


Working with TeemingPod

What is a TeemingPod icon?
TeemingPod icon is a small icon which appears within a page on which TeemingPod is embedded. Users will click on this icon to open the TeemingPod.

Once I am on a Pod, where do I find the menu?
The menu appears on your TeemingPod, when you click a small arrow icon located along the border.

What is a Teem Activity?
A Teem Activity is a way of interacting with other pod users. TeemingPod currently supports seven different templates to create Teem Activities - Discussion, Spot Poll, Bookmark, FAQs, TagCloud, Presentation and Ideation.

Can I edit or search the contents of an Activity?
Yes. It is possible to edit and search the contents of Activities.

Can I delete a Teem Activity which I created?
Yes. You can delete an Activity if you have created it or if you are the Manager of that Pod.

How do I export the content of my Activity and send it to someone who is not a user of TeemingPod?
You can export the content of an Activity to a PDF file, which you can freely share.

Can I be a member of multiple TeemingPods?
Yes, definitely.

Can I switch between different TeemingPods?
Yes, you can easily switch between TeemingPods without the need to log out and login again. Simply click on the Switch Pod icon in the menu.


Social Ranking, Voting

Can I rank other pod user's contributions to TeemingPod?

How do I rate, or vote on, the quality of information entered by others?
Each Activity will provide a method for ranking. Discussions, for instance, provide a way to give thumbs-up or down to each point contributed by others. Your review points may be valuable to other pod users. TeemingPod uses these points, processes them with a relevancy calculator, and uses the results to show most relevant content first.


TeemingPod Subscription

What is a TeemingPod subscription?
A Subscription allows a certain number of users to keep using TeemingPod services for certain duration. There is a payment you make to buy a TeemingPod Subscription. There are various subscription plans available to meet your needs.

How do you subscribe to TeemingPod?
Write to us at sales@teemingpod.com for setting up your TeemingPod subscription

What happens to my TeemingPod content if I do not renew my subscription?
Before the subscription is over you can export data out of TeemingPod and store it in a PDF file or print it for your future reference. We will maintain the data at our database for 15 days from the end of your subscription period. During this period you can either renew the subscription or contact support@teemingpod.com for harnessed content. After that we will completely remove the content from our database.

What is the minimum subscription term that I can purchase?
3 months

Where do I get TeemingPod pricing information?
To get more information on pricing details, please contact TeemingPod Sales at sales@teemingpod.com.

Non-Commercial Licensing
Non-commercial organizations such as universities and non-profit organizations are eligible for our non-commercial discounts of 25% on licensing. For more information, please contact us.

Can I change users of a subscription?
Admin can change, add or remove users from a subscription any time till the subscription is active.


Security Questions

Who all can see the Activities of my TeemingPod?
All the members of your TeemingPod can see them.

What about security? How secure is the information exchange on TeemingPod?
Access to TeemingPod services is Username and Password protected. All data transmissions are encrypted. Our servers are hosted in a secure data center environment.

Can I get access to a TeemingPod of which I am not a member?
You cannot. This is a security feature.

Can other users see my stuff if we share a computer?
No, if you sign out of your TeemingPod account when you are done. In some cases, you may also have some temporary security cookies, so you should close the browser as well.

What does TeemingPod do with my personal information?
We take privacy very seriously. We do not sell, rent, share, trade or give away any of your personal information, unless required to by law.

Will you sell my email address to anyone?
NO. We hate spam as much as you do and will never be party to it.


Feedback and Support

How do I report a problem or suggest a new feature?
Please give us any feedback or bug reports at support@teemingpod.com or feedback@teemingpod.com. Your input is greatly appreciated.

I have a great idea or feature. How can I suggest it?
We appreciate your ideas and suggestions. Do write us at feedback@teemingpod.com.

I have a question not answered on this list. Can someone help me?
Yes. Please send an email to support@teemingpod.com and we will answer your question.


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