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With TeemingPod, you can:
Add social interaction to your Web application and Web site quickly and easily
Provide a space on your Web pages for people to do things together
Enable users to poll, debate, question, leave links and search
Get all this as a convenient, flexible, cost-effective SaaS subscription
In short, add the Web 2.0 sizzle and stickiness in no time! It's incredibly easy!



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TeemingPod is provided as a software subscription service.



Key Benefits
For Web Developers: For Users:
  • Admin Tool to configure pods and to control access by users
  • Support for pod user interface customization
  • Ability to reach a wider audience with Public Pods
  • Ability to restrict access with Private Pods
  • Hassle-free integration with the Web page or Web application using a small code
  • Search functionality within the Pod
  • Single sign-on across Pods
  • Single click data export from TeemingPod to PDF file
  • Support for various TeemingPod sizes and orientations
  • Multi-language Support
  • Moderation of user generated content

TeemingPod comes as a sequel to FlockPod, the company's earlier product for building on-the-spot social interactions. TeemingPod includes all the features of FlockPod, and adds flexibility as well as new features, which help build powerful social interactions.

TeemingPod in 3 Easy Steps
Web Developer 1-2-3 Admin 1-2-3 End-User 1-2-3

Embedding TeemingPod in your Web site or Web application is easy...

1. Get the standard HTML code OR custom HTML code generated by Admin Tool that matches your preferences such as pod theme, size, orientation, status messages etc.

2. Insert the HTML code in your page

3. Now your web page is ready with embedded TeemingPod!

Administering TeemingPod involves some basic activities…

1. Create a TeemingPod Subscription

2. Add users to subscription

3. Create a Pod and invite members to it

Using TeemingPod is even simpler…

1. Click the TeemingPod icon to launch TeemingPod

2. Login to TeemingPod with your credentials

3. Participate in any Activity in TeemingPod

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