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Welcome to Harbinger Knowledge Products, the global leader in interactivity software. Our Learning Solutions infuse interactivity in a wide range of training and education applications.

Whether you are designing for classroom, eLearning or Learning 2.0 delivery, our market-leading products help you easily create interactive learning content that is effective.

Worldwide, thousands of trainers, educators and subject matter experts use our solutions and more are added every day.

For Your eLearning Needs For Your eLearning Needs

Raptivity: Create true learning outcomes with meaningful interactivity

Raptivity, our award-winning interactivity builder, allows you to quickly and easily create learning interactions such as learning games, branching simulations, brainteasers, interactive diagrams and virtual worlds. You can embed these interactions right into your online courses to improve learner engagement. Or simply to jazz up your online content.

Download Raptivity With Raptivity, you get:
Pre-built library of over 170+ customizable learning interactions
Popular games, scenario based simulations, videos, 3D objects and even virtual worlds
Single Flash file output: Learning interactions fit right into your eLearning content
SCORM/ AICC trackable interactions: Track completion status, scores and responses
To know more about Raptivity, visit www.raptivity.com.
View Raptivity Interactivity Samples
For Your Instructor-Led Classroom Training Needs For Your Instructor-Led Classroom Training Needs

YawnBuster: Involve everyone in your presentation

If you are looking for an easy way to build and effortlessly facilitate Group Activities in your classroom sessions, look no further. With YawnBuster, our path-breaking innovation, you will never wonder if your learners are with you. You will always have their attention, involvement and interest throughout the duration of the class.

Whether you are an instructor, teacher, trainer, educator, facilitator or presenter, bring your classroom sessions alive with best-of-class Group Activities in YawnBuster.

Download YawnBuster With YawnBuster, you can:
Make classroom training more interesting
Choose from a variety of Icebreakers, Activators, Group Exercises, Energizer Games and Closers
Be assured that the whole class is with you and nobody is left behind
To know more about YawnBuster, visit www.yawnbuster.com.


For Your Instructor-Led Classroom Training Needs For Your Authoring Needs Elicitus  

Elicitus: Create more e-learning with less authoring

Elicitus is a leading desktop authoring tool for trainers, educators, subject matter experts and other e-learning creators worldwide. Creating great courses with Elicitus requires no programming. Even users with no page design experience can create visually appealing courses with Elicitus.

Download YawnBuster With Elicitus, get easy authoring features, such as:
Raptivity integration and tracking
User Interface as per new standards with Win7 look and feel
Faster running software and better performance
MS Word 2007 support for spell checker
Individual Raptivity Tracking (only for Publishing with SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004)
Adds transition effects such as Scaling, Explode
Scenario Maker is part of Elicitus content publisher
To know more about Elicitus, visit www.elicitus.com


For Your Learning 2.0 Needs For Your Learning 2.0 Needs Teemingpod  

TeemingPod: Enable Learning 2.0 through powerful Social Interactions

TeemingPod is a SaaS component that quickly and easily adds social interactions in web pages.

TeemingPod Free Trial TeemingPod allows you to:
Facilitate social learning and augment the content itself!
Foster informal learning and collaboration right on-the-spot
Add social interaction to any web page
To know more about TeemingPod, visit www.teemingpod.com.


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